Our Strength

Kitchenware Focused

At Value Retail, we start by focussing externally and then dive deep into data that covers everything from consumer behaviour to online purchase activity to latest kitchenware industry trends. This helps us form an objective, holistic perspective of the market, enabling us to become a single point destination delivering anything and everything related to your kitchen.

In-depth Market Knowledge

Our team of highly experienced professionals with their in-depth knowledge of the Indian market provide out-of-the-box marketing and operational ideas. Their expertise also helps immensely while dealing with complicated bureaucratic rules and regulations of India.

Strong Warehousing & CRM Support

Our logistics and call-center infrastructure ensures our supply chain supports and fulfills the rapidly growing network of our e-commerce partners. The backend system is fully equipped to expand along with the e-commerce growth thus ensuring on-time delivery and 100% customer query resolution throughout India.

Excellent relationship with website stakeholders

Over the years we have strengthened our rapport with leading kitchenware e-commerce players, providing them with 25+ reputed brands and 9000+ high-quality products across the country.

In-house Content & Digital Marketing

We believe diversity broadens our perspective as a company and enriches our employees and partners. Precisely why we have an eclectic mix of individuals who are masters of their own craft. Lending a voice, beauty and emotion, our team of writers, designers and marketers are the unsung heroes that give life to each and every single product.

Data Analytics

Our dedicated ERP system functions as the backbone of our company. By connecting the workflows of integrated processes such as supply chain, finances, warehousing and capacity planning, it works towards increasing employee productivity and identifying and resolving bottlenecks. It provides real-time data to develop actionable insights efficiently, which could be anything from minimising returns to focusing on new trends to maximizing ROI.